The old street in Seoul

Interactive 64channel sound sculptur


_Arcenale in Venice Biennale of Architecture 1999

"...This work aims at visualizing the oldest street in the metropolis of Seoul, by playing collected sounds of
the street and historical researches. There are 64 sensors in the plastic form and each sensor has its distinctive sound. These sounds are the din of a factory, a dead march, voices of quarrelers and drunken rowdiness, sounds from TV and radio, noises from arcades and brothel area and more of what we consider as characteristics and cultural significances the places have. I myself extracted and recorded them on DV CAM walking along the oldest street. The moment a spectator touches the installation work, sensors begin to function and he will begin to hear the sounds he is simultaneously producing. The sounds are mixed differently according to the audience’s participation. By a random combination, the peculiar textual meaning of each sound disappears and only the ambiguous noises or dissonances are heard. Through this work, I have intended to display in an indirect manner, a picture of city dwellers who are on the verge of losing their historical tradition and identities."

-Extract from Artist's note (2000)

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