Tactile Documentary 촉각적 다큐멘터리

5Channel Interective

"Representing parts of a gay’s body on LCD monitor on a rail, this work causes absurdity, which fundamentally breaks down the physical and visual distinction of gender - the basis of male/female discrimination. Following the monitors, on which the image of a voluptuous beauty is ‘transformed’ into a male, we encounter something unexpected or a splendid metamorphosis of mutation, .
The idea of the artist, here, reminds us of socio-cultural issues on gender identity but has little to do with justification of gay culture or the notion of ‘lack’ or ‘castration’. This model, who is actually a hero(ine) of this work and one of the artist’s acquaintances, calls Lee ‘oppa(girls’ word for brother)’ or ‘hyung(boys’ word for brother)’. And, suggesting that the culture functions as a destiny to define gender by presenting the gay model in his work, Lee adopts the feminist line criticizing the phallic ideology of gender. Reminding us of Simone Bauvoir’s words, “A woman is not born, but made.”, he asserts that the body is culturally formated by gender symbols."

-Extract from Artist's note (1999)

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