Artificiality Emotion 인공감성

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"...A stuffed bull is laid on a shelf and the plastic form with five respirators is installed across from it. There is a motor in the bull’s chest, a ballon in its stomach, a stepping motor in its eyes and a mechanism for visual sensing under the shelf. The main object of this work is to manipulate these apparatuses in the stuffed bull by the respiration of the audience. That is, by using the interface such as the artificial respirator, the viewer’s respiration becomes one with the bull’s and it vitalizes the dead, stuffed and fallen down. This work aims not at emphasizing the visual function of itself, but at the possibility of interaction among the other kinds of interfaces. For me, the seeing is only one of the channels of connections between the world and myself. My own experience had motivated and originated this work. Not long ago I saw a drowning woman being rescued and given an artificial respiration on a shore. It stimulated my artistic curiosity, and a novel interface occurred to me. The respirator is a kind of passage that brings the audience into contact with this work and the key to understand this work at the same time. The audience doesn’t remain in appreciating the hard and formal art works any longer. Through this work, they can feel the vitality by the direct contact. I chose a bull as the subject matter, for the image of bull embraces our socio-cultural metaphor. A bull is a symbol of agriculture and has been a support of our society. The bull in Lee, Joong-sup’s painting is an opposit concept of the imperialism. However, with the technological development, such a meaning of bull dies away, and it is now mere beef cattle. Despite of this tendency, I have chosen a bull as the material, for I strongly believe that the bull speaks well for our identity in the history."

-Extract from Artist's note (2000)

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