black forest 검은 숲

Interactive Sound Sculpture

"...Now, Lee invites everyday life into the exhibition space to relate art to other human activities. Hung on a tree in the exhibition space, the sounds and situations heard from or happening where he lives - the sound of rain, of fishmongers’ yelling, of quarreling, of wailing etc. - are waiting for the invasion of the audience. And, the audience come to hear the sound of ‘Black Forest’ from the interactive sensor when going through the space. That is, through various expressions, which are sculptural, motor sensational, auditory and linguistic, they experience a variety of the sentiments of everyday life.
The viewers become a part of the work as the subject of the experience in the forest of sound sculpture, of which sound is devised to be turned into clamor when viewers enter. This is the power of Lee’s interactive art, which is enabled by the audience, not by the artist."

-Extract from Wonil Lee's writing 「Between Reality and Illusion」 (2007)

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